July 20, 2011

Update on Olivia

Bless her heart. She was such a trooper.

Olivia has been having diarrhea for three days and she was crying uncontrollably yesterday. I was worried about dehydration. I called the doctor's office and they said she needed to be seen and to take her to the ER. So to the ER we went.
She was so exhausted that she fell asleep in the car on the way to the hospital. {a 10 minute drive}
We were lucky enough to be seen immediately by the triage nurse.
She took Olivia's vital signs and got her weighed. Olivia's blood pressure was low so they took to a room to be seen while I finished paperwork.

Once I got to her room they had me hold her while they checked and rechecked her vital signs.
She was having none of it. She screamed the whole time.
Initially they thought they would have to give her IV fluids, but they wanted to be absolutely sure that was necessary before they put her through that. They gave her more Pedialyte {I had already been giving it to her at home} and watched her for a bit. Eventually they decided against the IV. Thank.the.good.Lord.for.that.

From there on, it was a waiting game.
Chance got there around 7:30. Olivia was so happy to see her Daddy.
The doctors needed a stool sample so we had to get Livi to go to the bathroom.
In the 3 hours we were at the hospital I changed 4 diapers. And that's how many it took to get enough of a sample. {Her diarrhea was to the point that it was liquid. Therefore being absorbed my her diaper. TMI, I know. Sorry}

After they got the sample they decided to send us home; in lieu of keeping us overnight.
They said that she was staying hydrated for now, but if she showed any signs of dehydration to bring her back.
Even still we had a rough night at home. She barely slept. Leading to a sleepless night for Chance and myself. Every time she moves she cries, because her bottom is so raw from all the wiping. {TMI again} And don't even get me started on how she screams when I change her diaper. It's heart breaking.
We have been so fortunate that she has never really been sick. EVER. So this has been a trial for me. I know in the scheme of things that a little diarrhea is so miniscule compared to what other mommas face. And I'm so thankful that it is just a virus of sorts. Poor thing, she just seems so miserable.

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