July 26, 2011

For the critics.

There are people in my life that think I'm a bad mom.
{Hmm writing that hurt more than I thought it would.}
They have their opinions for one reason or another. And to say that their judgment doesn't phase me would be a blatant lie.

The truth is..

My child doesn't always eat a well balanced meal. Let's be real here- sometimes I'm lucky to get her to eat chicken nuggets. But she's happy.
My child doesn't get a bath every night. But she's happy.
Sometimes when my child's not paying attention to the t.v. I switch it to E News just-for-a-minute. But she's happy.
My child doesn't have a regular night time routine. Last night she was up until 10:30. But she's happy.
I tell her 'no' a lot. But she's happy.
I worked 60+ hours a week at 2 jobs her entire first year, meaning others spent more time with her than I did. But she's happy.
Sometimes I paraphrase "Daisy's Pet Project" after the 10th time I've read it in the last hour. But she's happy.

The truth is I'm not a perfect mother, and I'm ok with that. Because she's healthy and happy and that's all that really matters to me.

And since I'm already up here on my soap box.. all of this has me turning one question over and over in my head.
Why can't we all just support each other?

Every mother I know wants the best for her children.
They all love them the best way they know how.
We're all doing our best.
When is that going to be enough for the rest of us. When will we stop judging other moms who are in the trenches with us. They should be our allies. Yet we look to them as enemies. Wouldn't this journey be a bit easier if we all took down our guards?

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