July 15, 2011

10 Thing You Probably Don't Know About Me

1.  I’m shy. Many people misconstrue my shyness for snobby-ness. Sad but true. So if you know me in real life and you’ve ever thought I was rude by not saying much when you said hi, please know that that was never my intention—I probably REALLY wanted to reach out to you. I just didn’t know how, sorry.

2.  I’m an obsessive list maker. I have a list for everything. EVERYTHING. {Side note: items in said lists are color-coded depending on what member of the family they pertain to. I know- I’m neurotic.}

3.  I crave cheeseburgers, often. They are my weakness.

4.  I dream of opening a gift shop/ boutique with loads of fabulous one-of-a-kind things some day.

5.  I love to go to yard sales. The thrill of getting something awesome for $1.00 {or less} is addicting!

6.  I watch WAY too much crime TV. I can’t get enough “Investigation Discovery.”

7.  Children with dirty, crusty faces make me gag. I just got cold chills thinking about it. {I guess it’s the crusty-ness that makes me gag- not the child}

8.  I LOVE office supplies. Just the other day, during a trip to Office Depot I told a friend how much I used to love the beginning of the school year because I would have all new school supplies.

9.  I was stabbed in the nose with a pencil in first grade. {For anyone who knows me in real life and has always wondered what that blue dot is, now you know.}

10.  When I’m reading a book and something really resonates with me, I have to underline and/or highlight it. If it’s really good I make notes in the margins.

So there you have it {er, them} 10 completely random reasons that I'm weird. I hope we can still be friends.

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