July 28, 2011

Operation Paci 2.0

Our girl L.O.V.E.S. her paci. Her 'night-night' as she called it.

We originally took it away in April when she was 13 months old on orders from our pediatrician, who recommended that we take it before her 15 month appointment.
But the stinker had some of 'em rat holed. I still can't figure out where she had them.

None the less she managed to find them back in June and seemed to be more attached to them this go 'round.
Needless to say I was less than excited to go through the process of breaking her habit again.
Initially, we thought we would start the process after her 15 month appointment. Then she had the reaction to the MMR vaccine. No dice.
I know my limits, and taking a paci away from a head strong toddler when she's already not feeling well certainly surpasses them.

So after she was on the mend from that I made the decision to just take it away. Cold turkey. I know- hard core right? Chance says I'm Hitler. Oh well.
The theory behind it being... oh what am I saying. There was no theory. It's just how we did it before {we did it that way with the bottle too.}
The execution went a little like this.

8:00 am: Livi wakes up.
8:01 am: I try to convince her she's still tired and wants to sleep a little more. Nope.
8:02 - 8:15 am: Snuggle time.
8:16 am: Go downstairs and begin to prepare her breakfast. {And a diet coke for me.}
8:20 am: Hand Olivia her breakfast, she removes her paci, I stealthily {is that a word?} remove her paci from her high chair tray without her noticing, put it in my pocket.
8:21 am: No more paci. Operation Paci 2.0 is a success.

Now that's not to say that we didn't have our share of challenges in the next few days. Olivia's sleep patterns have definitely taken a hit since we took her paci. And she is a bit more irritable. But we're dealing with it. And standing firm. Well I am anyway- and that's all that matters right?

Hope this helps any of you like-minded momma's out there facing a similar challenge.

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