November 1, 2011


I'm taking a break from the "what we've been up to" posts today to share about the Bendel Halloween.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret- I am a bit of a holiday/special occasion person. Actually I'm a huge holiday/special occasion person. I just love sharing all the fun and traditions with Olivia!
I make her a goody basket for each holiday.

First thing this morning she opened her Halloween basket...

And naturally, she gets a card at every possible opportunity!

I worked during the day, but couldn't wait to get home and get our girl all gussied up! She was a precious little black kitty cat. She was saying "meow" all night!! It was so sweet.

We were sad that my mom and grandmother weren't able to make it trick or treating with us; but so happy that Dee Dee {my sweet mother-in-law} joined in the fun! That girl loves her Dee Dee!!

Liv was so excited to get started she could hardly contain herself while we waited for Daddy to join us.

Thankfully, he didn't keep her waiting long!

This is Olivia receiving her first 'treat' at Trunk or Treat. She was awesome. She figured out the whole 'Trick or Treating' thing very early on- saying "twick-er-twee" at every car, and "dank oooo" once she'd scored the goods. She's such a big girl now!

We even got to see our sweet friends Dana and Adley {the sweet little lady bug.} Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks? She's a doll baby, and we love her. Olivia and I are so blessed to have these girls so close. They live just a couple of miles down the road- so we're able to get the girls together often. I so hope that their little friendship continues through school and that they are able to really be there for each other as they get older.

I think it is so important to have strong ties with friends. Up until this point in my life I've been blessed with 4 wonderful friends, who I couldn't imagine my life without. Dana is quickly joining that group! We've known each other since middle school, and graduated high school together- though we didn't become friends until just this year. She has been such a blessing to me.

I'll end this post with a sweet snap shot of me and Olivia the cat. She just loved all the festivities.. I think she's a bit more like me than we thought.

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