October 31, 2011

Date with Daddy

One of my favorite movies from childhood was the Lion King. So naturally, I was a excited to learn that Disney was not only "releasing it from the vault" but also showing it in theaters!

So we got all dolled up. 

And Daddy toke us out on a special date.
We had a very fancy dinner at McAlister's Deli. {Sorry, no pictures from that}
After dinner we headed to the theater. We only paid for two tickets, gotta love children's rates!

 Olivia did much better than expected. I was so sure we would have to leave that we sat on the bottom row and close to the exit! But all of that was unnecessary. Olivia was a bit fidgety, but she was quiet and sat pretty well through the whole movie. {Except for the times she was making lion sounds}
I can't wait to take her to another movie. Now just to get Disney to re-release 101 Dalmatians. That one would be awesome in 3D!

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