August 5, 2011

They Saved Me..

I'm back this afternoon for a link up to The Shine Project, this weeks link up is about friendships. I had planned on writing a post about friendship in honor of Friendship Day on Sunday anyway, so this was perfect!

There are 4 people in my life who, in their own way, have saved my life. They are all equally important in my life, so I'll just list them in the order they entered my life.

First we have Maria {also known to me as: Mia, Mimi, Meems, or Lovely.} We have been friends since 1999 {that's 12 years folks.} We met in the seventh grade, and despite a rocky beginning- she has always been one of my greatest blessings. We had similar circumstances in our childhoods and quickly bonded. She practically lived with us during middle and high school. She has seen me through more trials than anyone else, she's just been around longer! There is not a single person in this world who knows or understands me better than her. She is a walking, talking reflection of my heart {without the walls.} She is the sweetest most kind hearted person I know. She has saved my life in more ways than one; but I will forever owe her for opening my eyes and saving my marriage.

Next we have Ashley- we met and were instant friends in 2005. Much like Maria, Ashley is a blonde version of me. We couldn't be more alike if we tried. When we see each other we literally laugh ourselves to sleep. My friendship with Ashley {and Maria} surpasses the normal bounds of friendship. In my heart they are just as much a part of me as Olivia. Without the two of them I would not be me. Ashley has a sweet soul, and a southern girl attitude! She is witty and smart. Ashley is the friend that looks at me when I'm being dumb and says, "Sarah- honey, that's stupid." And sometimes that's just what I need.

This is Chance. You've met him before- but I would be horribly mistaken to not include him in this list. Chance is so much more than my husband. We have walked a long and difficult road together, and came out hold hands on the other end. We officially met on March 20, 2006. That was our first date. I knew then that he was the one for me. Shortly after we married he held my hand through the hardest season in my life. Without him I'm not sure I would have survived it, literally. The loss of my PawPaw shattered the core of my life and forced me into a state of depression that I'd never known. He was there the whole time. Every single agonizing minute. Yet to say that we've always been happy and our relationship has always reflected the love we feel would be a lie. In the first 2 1/2 years of our marriage- I would wager to say that there were more unhappy days than happy ones. There have been many nights that we would both lay in bed and wonder what we were doing.  With the birth of our daughter in March of 2010 came the dawn of a new day for us. Suddenly our love had purpose. We had someone that made it all worth fighting for, someone that meant just as much to him as she did me. So we worked at it, we were honest, we trusted. We have stared down the devil in our marriage and we won.

In loving Chance I "inherited" Nikki. She and I never went through that "get to know you phase." I've loved her since before I met her. {I don't think we ever met in person until 2009} She and Chance had been best friends for many years, and she was such an important part of his life. I loved her because she loved him. Simple as that. When I had Olivia in 2010 we got even closer. And even closer still almost exactly a year later when she welcomed her sweet Ellie to the world. {That's her that I'm holding in the picture above. Check out that hair!} Since we both became mothers our friendship is so much more. Nikki is the one who "gets" all the mom stuff. The one I can do a bible study on motherhood with, or call when i read a really great parenting article. She is walking this new road with me and we are both learning. It's truly a blessing.

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