January 26, 2012

Make Someone's Day.

I believe that we are all put here to help one another through this thing called life. One way I do that is through food; another is words.

Remember the excitement you felt when you were a child and you received mail? I was so thrilled, that I'd be shaking by the time I got the envelope opened. Why can't the joy of 'happy mail' follow us into adulthood? 

I make it a point to send those that I love cards. Sometimes it's for their birthday, sometimes their anniversary, and sometimes its for no reason at all. Those are my favorite cards to send. The one's that come unexpectedly, and {hopefully} bring a smile to the face of the recipient. So when DaySpring gave me the opportunity to review their fabulous cards, I jumped at the opportunity. Yes, the cards were beautiful and well made with just the right words; but I saw them as so much more. These cards gave me the opportunity to bless someone I love. Lots of them have cards in the post man's bag right now! 

I think it's so sad that our society is getting away from card writing. {Does anyone send thank you notes anymore?} It's such a simple and quick way to reach out and show those that we love how much they matter to us. So go check out the 'thinking of you' section over at DaySpring, grab a card and get writing. And for goodness sake, the next time someone does something nice for you.... write.a.thank.you.note!

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