January 30, 2012



Going back to work has left me with little energy;
and whatever energy I was able to summon was gone the minute I stepped through the front door.
Olivia has been fighting off a cold {I think} for about a week now. She developed a fever last night while she was staying the night with my mom.
I called Chance on my way home and I could hear that sweet girl crying for me in the background.

That, for me, is the most heartbreaking thing about going back to work.
I so enjoyed my time at home with her {and truly have enjoyed being back at work}
but when I hear her cry for me, it's so hard to remember all the reasons I went back to work to begin with.

So that's where I am.
Stuck between utter exhaustion
and heartbreak.
Searching for a happy medium for everyone.

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  1. Oh sweet girl, I wish I was there to give you a hug.