January 22, 2012

Update on our friend Sevy..

Sevy has made what can only be called a miraculous recovery. The doctors say that there is no medical explanation for his current condition. I don't need a medical explanation. I know exactly Who healed him. It has been so wonderful to watch our entire community come together to rally around Sevy. He (& the Lord) have truly changed the heart of our city. So many businesses have hosted events to benefit him, and even more people have given time and money.

Friday night Chance and I attended a benefit hosted by one such business and had a wonderful time. Chance's best friend is the lead singer of a band and they drove all the way from Lexington, KY to come play that night. Here's a video of a duet he did with another local celebrity (Jennifer Fox- she is ah-may-zing.. packed house every time she plays)

(If you stick around to the end, you can spot Chance and I in the background at the 5:16 mark.)

At last update, Sevy had been moved from ICU to a regular room, and was sitting up in a chair cracking jokes. All this just a week after we were told he had a 10% chance of surviving. 

God is so good!

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