June 24, 2011

On My Heart Tonight...

Tonight I have a very thankful and a very heavy heart. Quite the contradiction, huh? I am blessed in so many ways. One of the greatest blessings is my sweet Olivia. She entered our lives on March 23, 2010. 

She has been healthy and happy since the moment she was conceived. A gift not lost upon me. I have read {and continue to read} so many blogs of mommies who have lost or have sick little ones. I am amazed at the grace that these women exude. I stumbled upon this blog when I was pregnant and it really struck a chord with me. You know, like reached inside thumped my heart and said "you're blessed, act like it." And then I wept. I'm not talking about a few tears here and there, I'm talking gut wrenching sobs. Why? Because the good Lord didn't have to make Olivia perfect and healthy- but He did. And for that I can't thank Him enough. So when I heard today of an old friend who lost her sweet little girl after just a few short weeks of life, I feel the need to weep and to rejoice. I weep for my friend and her family who I know are experiencing unimaginable grief. But I rejoice in the fact that I am blessed with a precious girl who grows up a little more each day. {Just tonight, in fact, she fed herself with a fork!} A girl who when I look into her eyes, I can see the full glory and greatness of God. 
Tonight I want to thank the Lord for all the sweet babies. May he bless and keep them. And I pray that he blesses my sweet friend and her family {and the too many families who've lost or have sick babies} with a peace that only He can provide. And that He gives rest to their souls. I know nothing will ever take the pain completely away, and that fact alone is enough to make me need another box of tissues. 

Be sure give your babies an extra hug and kiss tonight.

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