June 24, 2011

15 months

HOW can that be?? But I know that it is. My sweet girl turned 15 months old yesterday!

Oh Olivia, you are such a ray of sunshine!
At 15 months:
You LOVE books, and we love reading them to you {even if that means I have to read the Playful Puppy 200 times a day!}
You are such a good eater- we've yet to find anything that you don't like.
You drink insane amounts of juice everyday. {You're probably the thirstiest child I've ever seen}
You have a soft spot for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse {and love to dance the Hot Dog Dance!!}
You have a soft spot for Yo Gabba Gabba {and love to do the Wiggle Dance!!!}
You have an infectious smile. I've never seen your Daddy smile the way he does when he's watching you laugh and dance.

We are blessed beyond words to have you in our lives, and we can't imagine life before you.
Happy 15 month "birthday" sweet heart!

Mommy and Daddy love you!!!!!!

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