June 30, 2011

I am enough ... The Shine Project

The Shine Project was started by a truly inspirational woman named Ashley. She explains on her blog what the project is all about.
"I have decided, that now is the time to excel in life. Now is the time to be better than I have ever been, and to accomplish things that I never thought I'd be able to do.
As I reach my goals, I want my 'light' and happiness to rub off on others.

This is what The Shine Project is all about:
Going out of your comfort zone to bring light to those who need hope.
The Shine Project emulates love, sacrifice, and CHANGE."
 Motivating, right? Yeah, I thought so too.
This week's challenge is to post about the most influential thing you have learned this month about body image.

I have learned that I am enough. Now, that's two fold. I am enough as a woman (wife, mother, daughter, etc.) AND I am enough physically. I don't know about all of you, but after I had Olivia I began to feel "less than." I have felt as though I was "less than" attractive, I felt as though I was "less than" I should be too my husband, I felt as though I was "less than" a good friend. The first step that changed my way of thinking was reminding myself that although I now had stretch-marks and bags under my eyes and I was so scatter brained I barely remembered to eat everyday- much less call a friend; I had this amazing little girl who needed me. And she deserves the best version of me I can give her. 

Fast forward a few months and goodness knows how many self-help books-- now I KNOW...

Now, does that mean that I have rock star abs and I always look like a super model when my hubby walks through the door? That would be a resounding "No." But that's not the end of the story, far from it actually. I have learned that I AM enough for my husband, I AM enough for my friends. I'm so thankful that I came across this picture on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago. SO THANKFUL! It completely changed my perspective. In short- it moved me. The photo I originally saw was accompanied by this:
"A mark for every breath you took, every blink, every sleepy yawn. One for every time you sucked your thumb, waved hello, closed your eyes and slept in the most perfect darkness. One for every time you had the hiccups. One for every dream you dreamed within me. It isn't very pretty anymore. Some may even think it ugly. That's OK. It was your home. It's where I first grew to love you, where I lay my hand as I dreamed about who you were and who you would be. It held you until my arms could, and for that, I will always find something beautiful in it." 

Yes, that is my stomach. I told you it changed my perspective. So much so that I am willing to post a picture of my stomach for the entire world to see on the internet. Two weeks ago if you told me that I would be sitting here typing this post, I probably would have laughed in your face. But here I am and I'm so glad about it! I feel like a new woman. 
So, to any of you out there who feel like you might be "less than" let me leave you with one thought today. 
Get ready it's a doosy.

You don't have to be perfect to be who He designed you to be. 

The good Lord knew from the beginning of time that you would have those stretch marks, that you wouldn't have lost all those "holiday pounds" just yet. Let me tell you- none of that matters. Be the best you that you can be; and that sweet friends, will always be ENOUGH. 


  1. Sarah, this is beautiful and so inspiring. Thank you for sharing! I found your blog through the link up on Ashley's and I'm so glad I did. Your daughter is lucky to have a mom like you!

  2. This is so inspiring! I love the quote about your baby living and growing inside of you. How amazing is that that our bodies are so amazing they can be home for our children in the beginning!

  3. Thanks for all the kind words ladies!