May 8, 2012

Update: 25 before 25

Last August I shared a list of things that I wanted to do before I turned 25, a bucket list of sorts.
My 25 before 25. And then I updated it here in January.

I've got 2.5 months left until I turn 25. 104 days.
So I thought I'd do a little update. Things in blue probably won't happen. Things in yellow, they may. Things in green- I'm determined.

Sell something that I made.
Shop the 400 mile yard sale with my Gran. - but I will shop at other yard sales with her. Love them!
Take Olivia to the Memphis Zoo {where Chance and I got engaged.}
Visit Maria again in Springfield, TN. {By myself} - well kind of, she went with me to (in)RL.
Visit Nikki in Lexington, VA. {With Olivia}
Visit Ashley in Newport News, VA {By myself}

Visit my family in Texas. - My Uncle Barry came to town and Olivia got to meet him, so that was a happy compromise for me.
Visit my family in South Carolina. - I did get to visit with them when they came here!
Finish our house.
Get a new car.
Finish Olivia's quilt.
Re-finish a piece of furniture.
Take Olivia to the St. Louis zoo again.
Take Olivia to Mommy and Me gymnastics classes. - she's going in the fall. {Right Dana?!}
See Beth Moore speak in person. - I didn't do this, but I did get to meet Angie Smith in person, which is a pretty big deal to me.
Finish "1,000 Gifts" by Ann Voskamp
Run a 5K.
Actually celebrate our 5 year anniversary with Chance.
Have a yard sale.
Host a sew day to benefit ConKerr Cancer.
Get a massage. - I'm ashamed to say that I've already allowed one spa gift certificate to expire. It won't happen again!
Make a quilt for Lindsay's baby. - as you can read here, Wyatt was born on January 11th. Thus, putting me way behind on this one.
Finish Olivia's baby book.
Take and edit Kelsey's senior pictures. - she graduates on May 25th. Ugh. So sorry Kels.
Complete the "Night Light" devotional with Chance.

I've accepted that some of these things simply aren't going to happen. With a busy, busy 2 year old and me going back to work full-time it is a constant battle to keep from drowning in all the laundry, scheduling and day to day doing. I've had to say no to a few things. Some of them I really didn't want to say no to, but I'm a better Mommy and wife for having done it.

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