May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

We had a low-key kind of day here at the Bendel household. We took our time this morning and went to the 11 o'clock service. It was lovely. The sermon was, of course, about moms. That was nice- but the sweetest part was at the end. The children's ministry director had arranged for all the children to sing "This Little Light of Mine." It was the sweetest thing. Olivia did not go up front- but she did sing in our seats. Then before we were dismissed, the children lead us in prayer and they all prayed for their moms. Y'all, I almost died from sweetness.

This was after church. I'm so glad Chance snapped this picture of us. It captures so much. That little girl, she has been an angel to our families. She's brought so much peace and joy. She has helped build bridges to repair strained relationships. I've said before, she saved our marriage.
We are blessed beyond measure.

This afternoon we went to Sunday dinner at our 'bonus parents' home. They love us well. She served my favorite, Italian beef sandwiches and strawberry shortcake. Amazing.  I ate so much that I could barely stay awake through our visit. They bought Olivia a DVD of Charlotte's Web and when we put it in this afternoon, I was so excited to see that it was the same version I watched as a little girl. I love sharing things from my childhood with Olivia.
After Sunday dinner we had a short visit at my Grandmother's. My mom and both my sisters were able to make it as well. Lindsay brought my new nephew and I got to love on him while Olivia spent some quality time with her Aunt Boo and Aunt Kelsey.

When we got home tonight we had some fun in the yard. Liv ran and kicked her ball and played with her Tyler and then ran some more.

That girl loves her puppy. Our evening was uneventful as well. We came in and ate more strawberries and 'swam' in the bath tub. Then we settled in for a little "mee-mo" {Finding Nemo.}
Liv wanted me to make a picture of our 'pretty pants.' Goodness.

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