October 29, 2011

Movin' on up..

September 17, 2011

To a big girl bed!

Yes, happily, the time has come to move our girl to a big girl bed.
We made the move just before her 18 month birthday.
18 months!?
Where does time go?

Some of these pictures are pretty fuzzy. I just couldn't wait to show Liv her bed. Not even long enough to find the camera. Therefore we have pictures from the ole' iPhone.

Seeing her big girl bed for the first time.

In a big girl bed you can really stretch out..

relax with a good book..

maybe do a little day-dreaming..

Give your Mommy kisses.. {All the "Thank You" I'll ever need.}

have tickle time..

play peek-a-boo through your side rail..

get tucked in..

and sleep the night away.

Olivia was a rock star! She slept the whole night in her new bed. I couldn't keep myself from checking on her every couple of hours. I just couldn't believe she didn't wake up!

The next morning was full of special treats..

watching Veggietales in bed..

Teddy Grahams and money from Dee Dee..

and determined to not be out-done; Papa gave her his entire coin jar.
{Yes it took both piggy banks. The polka dotted one is now full and weighs in at about 15 lbs.}

We are so proud of our girl. She is growing and developing so fast. It is such a blessing to watch her learn and grow!

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