April 1, 2013

Olivia: Age 3

Favorite Color:   Pink
Favorite Toy:   "Penny" her Little Bit Funky HoHo
Favorite Fruit:   Pineapple
Favorite TV Show:   Sofia the First
Favorite thing to eat for Lunch:   Clementines
Favorite Outfit:   Ruffle Pants 
Favorite Game:   Candyland
Favorite Snack:    Dora Fruit Snacks
Favorite Animal:   Cheetah
Favorite Song:   "Holy, Holy, Holy"
Favorite Book:   "Guess How Much I Love You"
Best Friend:   Momma
Favorite Cereal:   Cheerios
Favorite thing to do Outside:   Play in the Mud
Favorite Drink:   Tea
Favorite Holiday:   Christmas
What do you like to take to bed with you at night?:   "Penny"
Favorite thing to eat for Breakfast:   Pancakes
What do you want to be when you grow up?:   A doctor             

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