April 3, 2013

Olivia: 3 year well visit

For the most part Olivia's 3 yr. well child visit went well.
Until this past year, Olivia had always been so healthy that these appointments were pretty much just for immunizations. I didn't really have any lingering questions.

This year, I went in with a list.
She's been having a hard time coping with her anger, and has taken to hitting herself.
She often complains of an upset tummy and being congested.
She was diagnosed since her last well visit.
She doesn't eat well. And by well, I mean at all.
and She's been having night terrors.

We have a great PA at out pediatrician's office and April quickly cut through my list of concerns. She was a little concerned about the behavioral issues we'd been having so we have a follow-up appointment next week to discuss some things as a family. She also put Olivia on zyrtec to manage what is likely seasonal allergies. I'm not usually a throw-medicine-at-it kind of mom, but Olivia is doing much better since we started the zyrtec.

Olivia has always been a teeny little nugget, and hovered around the 5-10th percentiles. She even fell off the chart one time.  This year she made a pretty big leap and is ranking much higher.

Olivia: age 3
           Well Child Visit, March 26, 2013

Height: 3' 1" (45th percentile, a 40% increase)
Weight: 30lb. 2oz. (40th percentile, a 35% increase)

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