April 23, 2013

a conscious shift...

I have put a lot of thought into this, and I pray that you hear my heart- not just my words.

As you may or may not know, I attended an amazing conference back in October. It was life-giving, and personal-boundary-pushing, and soul-scrubbing. I loved it, I miss it, and I was forever changed by it.
To be honest, I'm still a little broken from it.
The things my soul heard, and my heart felt are still with me. And they changed the way I view things.

This blog, for instance. It has become a source of guilt, and stress. Not the feel good, inspirational, medium I had hoped for.

I'm a wife, and a mom, and I work outside the home. That's my reality. A reality that some times makes it difficult to post daily. So I post infrequently, and then I feel bad, and my mind thinks of at least 5 things that I could post. And I think to myself: "self, you should sit down and write these things, and schedule them for next week. Bam! One week worth of posts in one day, done." And sometimes, I do that. And other times Olivia has a melt down, or the dog won't stop barking, or the car breaks down and I'm not feeling very good, or inspirational. And really, who wants to read about that mess?

There are some big changes that will be happening in our home soon. And I'm feeling like this time of transition needs to seep into other areas of my life. (I've been doing a lot of thinking and feeling and talking to myself lately.)
My goals for this blog have changed. I have some exciting plans, all of which I want to share- but I feel like I need a fresh start.

So I'm working on a new space for us to meet.

I've been praying that the Lord would lead me in the right direction, and give me the words that need to be "said." I probably won't be posting on here, until our new spot is ready. I want it to be happy, and life-breathed, and filled to the brim with His goodness. I have a tentative goal for when I hope to have it ready for you. And when it is I'll let you know.

Until then, thank you for loving me well since I started this sweet little blog. Many of you have seen me through some pretty difficult times, and I have found some beautiful friendships in this blogging community.
See you soon, sweet girl.

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