February 1, 2012

The view from here.

I'm declaring today a day of rest.
Much needed around here. As you may have {or maybe not?} I went back to work last week.
And boy, I forgot how tiring my job was.
I am exhausted.

Olivia rested much better last night.
I think we may have broken the fever for good.
It spiked to 104.1 Sunday and Monday {working on a post for that, coming soon}

So for now, this is where I can be found.
In my bed,
with Olivia,

I'm going to try {yet again} to complete those precious photo-a-day challenge this month.
I'm sure everyone's seen the one I'll be following.
I plan to do a weekly post, on Sunday's maybe?
I really think these are a great way to document the everyday. Sure, I take tons of pictures of Olivia, but following these prompts helps me to capture the world around us right now.

Speaking of documenting life.
Thanks to a handy Shutterfly coupon I finally finished a little photo book with some of my Project Life 2011 photos.
I didn't use all of them, I wanted something small that I could carry with me.
I think I'm going to make one for Olivia.
She's really enjoying looking at pictures now, and she loves books.
Click here to look at the entire book.

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